Speaking To The Heart Of It All

Chad Harrigan, ACC (ICF Certified)

Chad Harrigan lives by one rule above all else..."Life doesn't just get to happen to you. You get to happen to Life". Chad is a Life Consultant and graduate of Oakwood University. He became an ICF Certified Coach, by way of a Master's program in Leadership and Executive Coaching from The University of Texas at Dallas. He believes that greatness is a journey, and not a destination. He makes it his job to help people find the opportunities hidden in their challenges. He helps his clients find strength and courage to take on the world. He brings humor, passion, expertise, nuance, and clarity to every talk he gives. Chad says that "You can be great, being exactly who you are". Chad is engaging, insightful,  entertaining, and empowering. He believes that if listeners can approach their life with intention and attention, they can start to live life on purpose. They can overcome any challenge and any trauma. His talks will challenge you and push you. If you're not paying attention, he might just make you believe in yourself again.

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